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We don't just buy buildings, we pillage and plunder! Beware! The pirates are coming!



Learn the rules of Pirates War.


Explore Tiakoke islands in Pirates War


Different captains, different game play


On Islands of the Tiachoke in the Tricita Sea, one Amunnite miner found a treasure filled with gold coins. In Tiachoke Island it was considered as local news that a miner became the richest man in town but for pirates overseas it was the news of the century. It turns out that the treasure was the looted goods from Captain Morgan.

Jake Morgan was the greatest pirate known in history. He was considered the Pirate King and he moved to 7 different continents and pillaged so much treasure that it is said to have been enough to buy a country. He was famous for targeting only Royal Merchant’s ship and never the common people’s wealth.

The fact that Tiachoke Islands may be the spot where Captain Morgan hid his trinkets set a fire in the minds of every pirate in the world. And yes, they are all gathering to this land, one by one. Only by finding Captain Morgan’s treasures, will it bring them all fame, money, power and the title of next Pirate King!



Keyword : Little Boy
Personality : Reckless, Merry, Naive
Motivation : Dreams on finding his father

Back home, the other boys made fun of Block for not having a father. One day, his mother told him that his father was a famous pirate. Ever since then, his dream was to become the greatest pirate in history. Now, he found a bottle with a note that read HELP ME. Block believes that this was a message from his father. He gathered his mates and began his reckless journey. “To find my father, I will need a lot of money. I will find Captain Morgan’s treasure!”font>


    Keyword : Charismatic Veteran
    Personality : Greedy
    Motivation : Plans on retiring after finding Morgan's treasure

    Tarak used to be a member of the Royal Navy, but he made his living by receiving bribes and helping out pirates. When Lightning Beard found out about Tarak’s doings, they engaged in a fierce battle. Tarak purposely sank his ship to fake his own death. Although he covered his tracks, he found out that Lightning Beard was still looking for him. Tarak is getting ready for his last big score before disappearing into a remote island far away.

      Lightning Beard

      Keyword : Charismatic Veteran
      Personality : A good guy seeking revenge
      Motivation : Once to cure his curse and clear his name

      Lightning Beard used to be in the Royal Navy, but he was framed for conspiring to assassinate Admiral Tarak. He was tortured by being trapped in a pit of electric eels. He miraculously survived his punishment, but was left in a condition that made him conductive to electricity. He could no longer have contact with other people; even holding hands with his own daughter was no longer possible. According to rumors, Captain Morgan had a treasure named “Angel powder” which could break any curses or cure any diseases. Wanting to cure his condition, he began a jorney to find Morgan's treasure.

        Princess Meredith

        Keyword : Beautiful Lady
        Personality : Lust for Conquest
        Motivation : Needs money for World Domination

        Meredith is a princess of the Kingdom of Aragon. Unlike other regular princesses, from a young age she was fascinated by history of war and battle tactics. She began studying to become a conqueror herself. However, her father wanted her to marry a neighboring kingdom’s prince. So she ran away to become a pirate. Now, she seeks Morgan's treasure to build her own kingdom.

          Viqueen Svenja

          Keyword : Vicious Woman
          Personality : Fierce but kind hearted
          Motivation : Seeking a new land for her people

          Svenja is chieftain of a clan living in the far north. Her village became unbearably cold so she led her people South in seach for lands with better climates. That was not as easy a task as she had hoped. Her crew is small in numbers and their weapons outdated. This makes her avoid most battles. Instead, she pillages and ambushes her enemies at night by hiding in the ocean mist.


            Keyword : Gorilla
            Personality : Hates all humans
            Motivation : Wishes to create a kingdom for the animals

            Duke claims to be heir to Jungle Royalty and a legendary fighter. However, he is actually a circus freak. The circus was travelling when the boat tipped over and he managed to escape. He is usually all talk, but one thing is true; he wants to find Captain Morgan's treasure and create a nation for the animals.


              Keyword : Deep Sea Fish
              Personality : A handsome and lovely fish
              Motivation : Wants to win Svenja's heart

              The son of Poseidon; Triton is considered the most handsome fish in the world and for that he is popular among deep sea fish ladies. Handsome Triton fell in love with Viqueen Svenja. He proposed to her with tons of sea shells, but she rejected him. Although his ego was bruised, he decided not to give up and began his journey to acquire human trinkets, for he knows that they may win her heart. He decides to go for the greatest one; Captain Morgan’s treasure. Since he’s a fish, one would assume that he knows the routes to all the oceans in the world. However, he knows only the way to the deep sea.

                Blue Skull

                Keyword : Undead
                Personality : A poor soul that has no memory of his past life
                Motivation : To prove to others that he in fact is Captain Morgan

                Skull was brought back to life by some Voodoo spell, but the Priest (or Priestess, it’s unknown) left in the middle of the ceremony. Because he was never told his identity or why he was brought back from the dead, he was lost. He began to believe that he was Captain Morgan in life. He wishes to find 'his' treasure, but because he doesn’t know the exact location, no one believes his story.

                  80% democracy

                  with various talents

                  IQ Higher than 50

                  Sharp eyes

                  We want to create games for users of all ages, all platforms and all tastes.

                  Some may say that’s not practical, possible or even plausible.

                  But Yes! We are those idiots who are striving together to do so!!!

                  Team Members
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                  SEAN KIM

                  CAPTAIN / FOUNDER

                  DONGHYUN KIM

                  PATHFINDER / CO-FOUNDER

                  KYUPIL HAN

                  ART DIRECTOR / CO-FOUNDER

                  GON KIM

                  UX MANAGER / CO-FOUNDER

                  OUR PROGRESS

                  We believe that Quality is of upmost importance when releasing a game. We will never release a game if we are not satisfied with its quality. We will not compromise to early releases for our creations. At the end of the day, games that are remembered for all time are so because of its quality.

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