Event 07

Want to Play with your friend but the level difference is too high?

Fear not! Pirates War dev team will change it for you!

Play with your friends! Receive Awesome Gifts. (both you and your friend!)


Prizes: Artbook + Soundtrack + Deck of Cards


How to Participate:

1. Bring your friends to Pirates War!

2. Make sure they register here. goo.gl/zaSTzr

3. Tell your friends to write your in-game “Nickname” under the question “Who Invited You?

4. Make sure your friends finish Tutorial and reach level 4.

5. On July 15th 03:00AM, we will level up your friends’ account to match your level!

6. Then, play together with your friends in a same match and send us your screenshot on Facebook or Twitter


Participation Period: Until July 13th 3:00AM(PDT)

Event Period: July 13~15th 3:00AM(PDT)

Winners: 5 Players who send the screenshot playing with your invited friends.

Winners Announcement: 

  • Winners will be announced on July 20th.
  • Event prizes will be sent by end of July 31st.

*Note: Upon announcement the winners will have 5 days to provide us with a valid mailing address, so that we can send out the prizes. If you fail to do so we will pick someone else to receive it.

The prizes will be sent by the end of July.

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