Event Beating Dev

Are ye frustrated with dem bugs? Want to kick a Dev on his Booty?

Well… This is yer chance, mateys! Battle a Dev during streaming on Mobcrush!!!


Prizes: For who lose to dev: Artbook + Soundtrack + Deck of Cards

              For who beat a dev: Lightning Beard Bust Statue


How to Participate:

1. Make your account lv 30! (If there are also a lot of users under lv30 while streaming, we might do special battle with them too.)

2. Join Idiocracygames Mobcrush on July 15th, 16th, 17th 07:00PM (PDT)

3. Press the “Play” Button together with Dev

4. Beat Dev!!!


Event Period: July 15~17th 7:00PM(PDT)

Winners: As much as users during 1hour streaming

Winners Announcement: 

  • Winners will be announced during streaming on Mobcrush.

*Note: Upon announcement the winners will have 5 days to provide us with a valid mailing address, so that we can send out the prizes. If you fail to do so we will pick someone else to receive it.

The prizes will be sent by the end of July.

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