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Gamescom 2015, Business Area

Like every year there were not just big titles to see, but also a few Indie-studios with their small or big games which bring a smile to the lips. An example was found by me and two friends in the business area: A korean team greeted us warmly and show us their game. Pirate Wars – The Dice King from Idiocracy Inc.

First impression: Monopoly with Pirates. Nice comic graphic, but at first seemingly nothing brand new. This was changed very soon…

The game begins with a selection of a crew, but it was different than we are used to from other games: not just our character was choosen, also we may select our team from a card deck. Because a captain without a crew is not possible!

The second conspicuousness: There are significantly less plots than at Monopoly and the money flows more quickly. The Problem: not only into the pocket but also out… Like other games the player who led the other in the bankruptcy wins – but at Pirate Wars we now have the possibility to fight: By starting a battle we draw a card (like Hearthstone there’s an attack and a life value) and roll a dice. Attack and dice number added is our definitive strenght. By winning you does not have to pay anything.

As already expected is luck essential – although you could beat a powerful card with a weak card and a bit of luck. The battles are definitely thrilling!

We buy a plot after plot (and upgrade them because our enemy could buy these plots with gold!) and see: A game is neither very long nor too short… For information: You have a certain number of rounds and it is not possible to drag out.

In addition to the buyable plots there are also some event fields: the worst is the kraken (it’s like the prison), the best is a sort of fortune-teller where you could get a good bonus with a bit of luck.

Now there we are with full pockets… Idiocracy told us the winner would get the biggest prize, so we became riskier… Not a good idea, I wandered from the first place to the last. Shortly before the end! However you have not lost until you have at least one penny in your pocket. But I wasn’t lucky and failed – with a nice bronze medal. I like to have a Revanche!

Finally you could say: A Game easy to learn, perfect for in between and also Free2Play. There’s an Singleplayer, too, but we couldn’t test it – with friends it is surely funnier! There are ingame purchases but we were told you could buy everything without paying real money.


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