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Have you even seen the move Idiocracy? Idiocracy is word which includes Idiot and Democracy; which means a government ruled by idiots. The story tells a foolish general public changing for the better of good. Our company took the name based on that ‘change.’

We did not take that name to be ‘Let’s Get Stupid’ but rather to put thing in practice once you have made up your mind. Usually the ‘smart people think too much, calculate too much, and try to take the least risk possible. If they see a sign of risk, they don’t take action, they become offensive and not challenge and push themselves. I want to do the opposite.

When I first told people that I want to develop a mobile game for North American market, everyone said no. They wanted me to succeed in Korean market first or they said that market is way too saturated.

However, those who succeeded in the Korean market didn’t necessarily succeed in the foreign market. We have totally different markets, and there is no way of guaranteeing success. To succeed you need to take the challenge for that market. This is why we are trying to enter the North American market with the spirit of Idiocracy.

However, when you try for something which is generally considered foolish you must learn to receive evaluation from others. This is why I entered the “City’s Startup Camp”, to receive evaluation from mentors and investors. If you can’t convince anyone to accept your service or product, it won’t work in the real word either.

There’s something that I have learned from my designing major. There are pure fine arts and commercial art. With business it should be latter because with pure fine art you have wait until other people take notice of your work.

If your business idea can only be understood by only you then you are most likely to fail. There are many people who have been practicing their craft for a long time or students with big hopes and dreams. They have attachment and confidence in their creation that sometimes they turn the other way when other give them valid critique. Startup can’t be a fine art, it must be a form of commercial art where there can be financial gain.

In the City’s Startup Camp, we only received 13 votes and became last but this won’t stop me. It gave me a chance to see how arrogant I was. I was very confident with presentation because I have won many tournaments and have many experience pitching my ideas. I trusted myself too much on this and I didn’t prepare enough and it got me nervous on the day of my presentation. When I get nervous, my words come out at a speed and they lack persuasion.

None the less, I won’t give up because I am ready to listen to other people’s critique. When you receive critique from others there is bitterness at one side but at the same time, I can’t wait to improve myself and receive approval of my idea in the future.

We are at bottom, we only have one choice but to go up. We are improving our business at this very moment so that one day when we succeed we can give the validation to those 13 voters that they made the right decision. We will challenge and push ourselves until day we succeed and prove to the world that we are the ‘True Idiots of Our Time.’

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