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newsapril13_01Idiocracy, inc was founded May 2014, and they have been walking a unique road. They won many start up competitions and they even received funding from Foreign Investors. What is this ‘Pirate King’ they are working on?

Pirate King is a cross platform game that is targeted for the North American and European Market. This is game isn’t restricted by platform and it plans to be a multiplatform board game for both mobile and PC.

Currently there aren’t specific information about the game but taking two keyword ‘Pirate’ and ‘Board Game,’ we estimate that this game might be a some sort of adventure/contest picking out the pirate king as well as board game which encompasses collecting pirates.



In Korea there already is a popular boards called ‘Everyone’s Marble for Kakao’ but we suspect that ‘Pirate King’ will be different. Unlike monopoly type game, we are hoping there will be sea/land battle, finding treasure, pillaging and other action feature which are pirate themed.

Idiocracy, inc is one of the few breed in Korea who want to skip the Korean market and go straight for the foreign market. Some might say that is an impossible road but from the looks of it, they are clearing its roadblock one step at a time. We are really looking forward to this company’s Next Step.

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