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On 22nd, Dot Name Korea’s Start Up Company Contents was held in Seoul Gangnam’s Venture Space. During this contest 12 teams from each startup company made their 8 minute pitch to Kang Hee Sung (Dot Name Korea CEO), Seo Sung Ryul (Aruworks CEO), Shim Yong Hun (Venturespace Director), and Lee Ha Na (Global Venture Center Manager). Idiocracy, indie game developer company currently headed for Western Market, won 1st prize.

newsaugues251st prize winners received $5,000 in cash, $2,000 in certificates for Venture Space and won the right to enter 2014 Korea’s Start Up League (where winners receive $100,000 cash prize).

According to Sean Kim, 1st prize winner CEO, “Because we are a game company we weren’t expecting to win. Since we received the right to enter the 2014 Korea’s Start Up League, we will do our best and bring great results back home.”

Also CEO Kang mentioned “We chose Idiocracy because of their individual team member’s achievements. Korean game market is way too competitive. We hope that Idiocracy will be the example of global (North American) success in the game market.

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