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Idiocracy’s CEO Sean Kim (Bottom Right) and its members

The results from B2G Academy (Center Head: Oh, Duck-Hwan) are flooding in. Many students are taking their first steps in the Global Market.

Last month, B2G Academy classmate Sean Kim (CEO of Game Star Up called Idiocracy, inc) secured $500,000 from Hong Kong Venture Capital; O.H. Ventures Limited. Currently Idiocracy is in ther development stages for their game Pirate King.

According to Sean, “This game is initially developed for the foreign markets like North American and Europe. This is a board game which people of all ages can enjoy and ensuring that through releasing this game multiple platforms. We are very happy about the terms we received from our investors and the timing in which we received funding. We plan to speed up the development with a ‘Bigger Force.’ ” and continued to state, “Our biggest goal as a company is to provide HAPPINESS & JOY to families all over the world. We plan to expand our working from not only games but to offline board games, today, animation and even theme parks” showing his ambition for the company.

Sean has taken the B2G Academy for 8 weeks from March and established his company at May. The course covered legal, marketing, finances, investment, IR and other topics that will help you understand the basics of startup as well as covering practice.

“The classes like startup planning, expanding management business, and exist strategy really helps anyone who wants to start their company. Especially Yoo Chung Hyun, Investment Manager, really helped us greatly by explaining how to receive funding from VCs. He explained it for us in detail and at our understanding level. Also, the mentor whom I met at the classes still remains as my current mentor (Ahn Chang Joon)”

According to B2G Academy program manager Park So Hye, “B2G Academy offers education like ‘marketing methods cureently in trend,’ ‘current investment environment,’ ‘data analysis’ and other education which help you in the real world. Also as time passes by the members who have participated in this class will continue to grow. We can help you connect with past student members as well as the professionals who participate in our classes.

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