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After an eight-week course on entrepreneurship and company building, IDIOCRACY secures funding from Hong Kong-based investors


newsnovember25_1IDIOCRACY is a cross format game that allows both PC and mobile users to play simultaneously. As a board game it is also accessible to players of all groups of ages.

“I was very happy with the reasonable terms of investment from our Hong Kong investors, and the quick turnaround process,’ stated a company representative. “We are now adding the final touches, ready for release.”

While the team’s first title is for mobile and PC, they also intend to build a range of offline board games, toys, and animations. This is a plan to eventually build out a fully comprehensive entertainments company aimed at families. This may even include theme parks in the future, according to a company representative.

After an 8-week course run by Born 2 Global earlier this year, certified representative, Mr. Kim, founded his own firm. The course covered many of the practical steps of business plan preparation, legal concerns, marketing, accounting, and investment. Kim explained that during the beginning phase of building a startup this type of education is of exceptionally high value. He was thankful that the Korean government (who sponsor Born2Global) provided this for him, and other newbie business owners.

Born 2 Global operates the ‘B2G Academy’ with the aim of building the skills toolbox for new startup CEOs, particularly with a focus on global expansion. As of November 14th, they had finished their 3rd class of 28 trainees. And to date, more than 80 students have graduated from the academy.

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