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Pirates War Blends Monopoly with CCG Mechanisms, Entering Beta
If there’s one way to get my attention, put Monopoly in the subject line when sending me an email. Oh, wait, I mean if there’s one way to get me to delete your email without reading it, put Monopoly in the subject line. Oh wait, that rule is valid unless you also include the word “pirate”. Then I’ll read anything.

The developers of Pirates War apparently figured this out because their subject screamed Monopoly! but then they named their game Pirates War. They win.

Pirates War isn’t just a Monopoly clone, however, it also uses CCG mechanisms in addition to Free Parking and Luxury Tax. That’s really all I know about the game at this point, other than it also just went into beta. If you want to sign up and help test the game before release head over here.

Pirates War is a coming to iOS and Android at some point. Until then, watch the trailer and see if it might be up your alley.


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