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Pirates War: The Dice King

Board game has been with us for centuries and it has co-existed with multiple civilizations. With the industrialization along with mass production, board games have flourished. However, as the world gets faster, board games become difficult to enjoy. When we were a child a board game could be played when a couple of friends meet at one’s house. As an adult everyone has jobs, family, and other obligations. People create ‘board game night’ or ‘card game night’ night just to enjoy offline games. However, what if there was a way to enjoy these fun times with the people you love all the time and anywhere? Well, the developer named Idiocracy (yes that is their real name) have been contemplating for some time and they have created Pirates War – The Dice King. It’s a digital board game which will be released in multiple platforms (Mobile, Browser, PC/MAC). It’s also a cross platform game meaning people from multiple platforms can play their game in one spot. It’s also a multiplayer game where you play against 3 opponents.

This week, the developer began their Kickstarter project. According to the developers, playtime per one match is relatively short; around 10 to 15 minutes. So whether you are back from lunch around 12:40 with couple of minutes to spare or on a subway during your commute, you can enjoy a quick board game. When you play offline board game, you are usually bound by diversity of opponents because you usually play with group of people you already know. However, in Pirates War, being a multiplayer game, you have the option of playing with anyone around the world.

Unlike traditional trade property games like Monopoly, where after a match, everything resets, Pirates War allows you to continuously play. In this game you can collect captains, crew and even ships. You can even level up to make yourself stronger. With collected pirates, you can battle with one another. So no everything is based on money.

Pirates War: The Dice King

The game seems to be making progress, according to the developers they are around 70% completing this game. In June they have introduced their game to Steam Greenlight and they have passed with flying colors. Besides, the developer will bring the game to GAMESCOM this august in Germany to hear more feedback from players.

Pirates War: The Dice King

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