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Pirates War Beta

Pirates War: The Dice King is an upcoming digital board game with card collecting elements coming to iOS later this year. With its real-time turn-based multiplayer mode, Pirates War: The Dice King takes the classic Monopoly formula and gives it a decidedly nautical twist.

The pirates of the Tiakoke islands are a greedy bunch of hooligans, each wanting to own more islands than the others. As the captain of your very own pirate ship, you’ll need to recruit crew members to aid you in your journey to riches and power. Each crew member is represented by a card, with a specific attack value and special powers that can help you in combat or when trading. As you travel the bounding sea in search of adventure, you’ll land on islands unclaimed by other pirates. If you have the gold to spare, you can claim the island for your own. Then, if another player pirate lands on that space, they have a choice to make: pay up the booty or face your pirates in a fight!

In addition to these competitive dynamics, you’ll also have to deal with the ever-nagging Navy officials who want nothing more than to lock your pirate bones away for good. Land on a surprise Kraken space and you find yourself entangled in slimy tentacles and unable to move for several turns. Even your own crew mates may try to mutiny if you aren’t careful!

In preparation for their iOS launch, the developers of Pirates War: The Dice King are holding a Closed Beta. If you’d like to try your hand at pillaging, plundering, and other piratey things, you can sign up to become a tester at the link below. You’ll need to have TestFlight installed on your iOS device in order to participate.

Sign Up For The Pirates War – The Dice King Closed Beta (iOS)

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