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If GDC has Indie Game Festival, MGF has the Next Level Indie Forum. It’s a place where you see Indie Developers shine with their bright and unique ideas. Out of multinational developer companies one Korean company stood out. It was Idiocracy, inc and they were heading full throttle towards the massive and competitive North American Market. I spoke with Mike Jung, the business manager from Idiocracy, inc.

Q: It is good to see Korean Indie Developer in MGF. Among other Korean participants, Idiocracy was the only one to do a presentation. How did you guys to come to present on the stage?

A: Well to be honest, we almost didn’t make it.



Q: Why? What happened?

A: We found out that there was a spot for the speaker at the very last minute. However, we already had workshop planned out which we couldn’t cancel so we had to do a whole lot of everything at the same time; workshop, making travel arrangement, preparing the presentation, and looking for companies to meet for this forum. But, we made it and we are really glad. This is a great opportunity for us to let the world know who we are.

Idiocracy, inc (CEO: Sean Kim) was founded on May 2014. On August 2014, they won the Grand Prize for DOTNAMEKOREA’s Start Up Competition and on November they received $500,000 funding from a Hong Kong venture capital called O.H Ventures Limited. Currently, they developing a title called <Pirate King> which is targeting North American and European Market. It will be serviced as cross platform. <Editor’s Mark>

Q: What was the presentation about?

A: We talked about cross platform and what kind of game genres work well. We were quite surprised with level of enthusiasm for the presentation.


newsapril12_02Q: Could you also share some pointers that MGF might have inspired you?

A: We are based in Korea, and we came to MGF while we were developing the game aiming for North American gaming market. What we have discovered in MGF was that this mobile gaming industry is advancing in incredible speed. We saw diversifying trends, advancement in development technology and even saw that marketing, and data analysis have come a long way. We want to absorb everything that we have learned and put it to practice.

Moreover, it was awesome to see big publishers were opening their ears to listen to the small sized developers like us. Indeed this MGF was one great party where all the companies in the mobile gaming industries gather to share the information and to seek the business opportunities.

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